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Every Once and a while you can catch Lightning in a bottle. Team Zippidy consisted of Lavora Wrencher the #1 BDC agent for the Russ Darrow Group and Michael "Zippidy" Duda the #1 Sales & Finance associate for the Group. The team was focused on delivering Used and New cars with the Motto; "We make Happy Customers!"

Lavora Wrencher assisted to deliver 493 used and new cars in 2016. Coming up short of 500 deliveries, Michael Duda challenged the team to delivery more than 500 cars in 2017. 2017 was a magical year for the team which successfully achieved the goal to deliver 504 cars.

The delivery of 504 cars in 2017 earned Lavora and her family a trip to Maui, Hawaii to celebrate this amazing achievment. As with all great teams, they never last forever... Since then, Lavora has reloacted to Arizona to continue her professional developement, we still communicate... joined at the hip to this day.

"I wanted to take a moment here on this webpage to thank Lavora Wrencher for everything she did to make this team so successfull. Her work ethic and commitment to the team was pivital in the success we achieved. I will always remember what it took and I really appreciate it. She'll forever be family to me. It's people like Lavora that make the world a better place." - ZIPPIDY


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  • Call and Txt: 414-202-8517
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  • Instagram: mzippidy
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  • Walk into Russ Darrow Kia Wauwatosa and ask for "Zippidy"
  • 2023 Kia Telluride Delivery with Michael Duda

    Team Zippidy Family
    Team Zippidy - Michael Duda and Family
    Team Zippidy Family
    Team Zippidy - Lavora Wrencher and her Son


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