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What's New for the 2016 Kia Optima? Call me anytime to setup a test drive on a New or Used Kia Optima at Russ Darrow just south of Mayfair Mall. Call or text me anytime at 1-414-202-8517

Stock #YearManufModelMileageSale PriceReg Price
PBS83762015KiaOptima LX24,035$15993.00$17995.00
PBS85842015KiaOptima LX11,751$15993.00$17995.00
PBS85852015KiaOptima LX14,027$15994.00$17995.00
PBS85872015KiaOptima LX11,972$15994.00$18995.00
K159412015KiaOptima LX12$18383.00$23185.00
K159282015KiaOptima LX15$18383.00$23185.00
K159332015KiaOptima LX13$19746.00$24635.00
K159382015KiaOptima LX13$19746.00$24635.00
K159422015KiaOptima LX16$20746.00$24635.00
PPS83592013KiaOptima SXL32,981$21765.00$22995.00
K162412016KiaOptima LX9$22295.00$22795.00
K162242016KiaOptima LX T9$24540.00$25049.00
K162272016KiaOptima LX T10$24540.00$25049.00
K162282016KiaOptima EX11$29510.00$29010.00
* Prices are based on Live Market pricing and are subject to change without notice

Kia Optima

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As a Professional Sales Associate at Russ Darrow I will work hard to find you that perfect New or Used vehicle. Call or text me anytime at 1-414-202-8517

Follow me on Twitter to stay connected! Anytime I spot a super deal or clean used vehicle I will tweet the details. Contact me anytime to setup a test drive or just stop in and see me.

STAY CONNECTED - Go follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook You can also go on the website and search our inventory and then give me a call. Just go search our inventory right here: www.russdarrowwauwatosa.com

Call Michael Duda Today at 1-414-202-8517
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