Russ Darrow - President's Club Dinner

7 Straight Years! - I'm Humbled.

Since my first win in 2015 I have set out to break my own records year in and year out. Mike Darrow has been entrusted with running the day to day operations and over the years Russ Darrow has taken on less and less responsibilities. We all recognize that the Russ Darrow Group had navigated a very difficult time during the pandemic and we emerged stronger than ever! (Pictured from left to right; Mike Darrow, Michael Duda, & Russ Darrow)

2022 President's Club

2022 President's Club - Michael Duda

Love Public Speaking! - Zippidy is hard to quiet.

The 2022 speach centered around the fact that we all had been challenged during 2020/2021 because of the worldwide pandemic. We are all Survivors! Every one in attendance was the Russ Darrow cream of the crop! I really wanted to send a message to the crowd that everyone in attendance had pushed through a very tough time in American history and they had Succeeded at a high level. In the face of adversity where some of us have lost loved ones, friends, and even co-workers. The Russ Darrow Group was very appreciative for all their hard work. (Pictured; Michael Duda)

Back Together - Amazing!

I mentioned in my speech how amazing it was to see all the smiling faces. We had missed a president's club meeting for 2020/2021 because of the pandemic. Just being in a large group of people again and to share in each others achievements was something we all had been waiting for! (Pictured; President's Club Members & Michael Duda)

2022 President's Club

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